The Impact of Gambling on Your Mortgage Application in Ireland


If you’re considering applying for a mortgage in Ireland, you may want to think twice before indulging in your gambling hobby. While occasional gambling may not have a significant impact on your mortgage application, regular gambling could potentially raise concerns with your lender and affect your chances of getting approved for a mortgage.

Why Lenders Consider Gambling a Risk

As a borrower, it’s essential to understand that lenders are looking for individuals who present a low-risk profile. From their perspective, lending out thousands of euros is a significant investment, and they need to feel confident that they’ll get their money back. Regular gambling activity could signal to a lender that you are not financially responsible and could lead to default on your mortgage payments.

The Difference Between Occasional and Regular Gambling

It’s important to note that there is a difference between occasional small bets and regular large gambling transactions, including professional gambling. While it’s not the lender’s job to tell you how to spend your money, they do have an obligation to lend responsibly and assess your ability to repay the loan.

How Lenders Assess Gambling Activity

During the affordability assessment, the lender will examine your bank statements from the previous 3-6 months (up to 12 months for proof of income) and factor in any regular gambling transactions. Based on the frequency and amount of your gambling compared to your income and fixed financial commitments, the lender will decide whether to approve your mortgage application.

Tips for Improving Your Situation

If you’re worried about how your gambling activity may affect your mortgage application, here are a few things you can do to improve your situation:

  1. Talk to your mortgage broker, like Ezfees Financial, for advice and assistance in getting mortgage-ready.
  2. Clear any outstanding debts you may have to show that you are responsible with your finances.
  3. Make regular savings to demonstrate that you are a low-risk borrower.
  4. Check your credit report for any negative marks that may impact your mortgage application.
  5. Reduce or stop the amount and frequency of your gambling activities, such as using online or mobile betting apps, and instead maybe the occasional visit to your local betting office.

Seeking professional help, such as Gamblers Anonymous, could be an option worth considering if you’ve been previously refused a mortgage due to gambling.


At Ezfees Financial, we understand that everyone has unique circumstances, and we’re here to listen, provide advice, and help you on your mortgage journey. Contact us today on 0818 910800 or visit our website at to learn more about how we can help you get approved for a mortgage. Remember, being financially responsible is key to getting approved for a mortgage, and reducing your gambling activity may be necessary to achieve your goal.

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