Term Life Insurance in Ireland – Protecting Your Loved Ones’ Future


This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to Term Life Insurance in Ireland, including its definition, optional benefits, and factors that affect its price. It also emphasizes the importance of having a Term Life Insurance policy to protect your loved ones’ financial future.

What is Term Life Insurance?

Term Life Insurance is a type of life insurance policy that pays out a lump sum to your spouse or dependents if you die during the policy’s term. It is an affordable product that can serve as a safeguard against financial hardship that your family may experience in the event of your untimely death.

Optional Benefits of Term Life Insurance:

Several optional benefits can be included with basic Term Life Insurance at additional costs, such as:

  • Convertible Term Cover
  • Serious illness benefit
  • Indexation
  • Personal accident cover
  • Hospital cash cover

Why do you need a Term Life Insurance Policy?

Your family or dependents rely on you and your salary for financial support, if you have outstanding loans or other debts, your family may struggle to pay them if you die. Having a Term Life Insurance policy ensures that your family is financially secure in case of your untimely death. The amount of cover you need depends on your circumstances, such as the sum assured, the term of the cover, and the type of cover required.

Factors That Affect the Price of Term Life Insurance:

Several factors can affect the price of your Term Life Insurance policy, including:

  • Your age
  • Smoker or non-smoker
  • Medical history
  • Work and lifestyle
  • Term of policy

Duty to Disclose All Relevant Material Facts:

It is crucial to disclose all relevant material facts when applying for a Term Life Insurance policy. If important relevant facts are deliberately withheld or inaccurate or incomplete information is provided, the life company may not be liable to pay out the benefits promised by the policy.


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