Understanding the Hidden Costs of Buying a Home in Ireland

When buying a home, there are several costs to consider in addition to the purchase price. It’s crucial to factor in all of these costs when determining your budget for purchasing your home. Additionally, you may want to consider ongoing maintenance and repair costs, as well as any potential renovations or upgrades you may want […]

The Importance of Pensions: Secure Your Financial Future

Having a pension provides financial security and stability during retirement. It allows you to have a reliable source of income, maintaining your standard of living and covering your expenses after you stop working. Pensions also offer tax advantages as incentives to encourage early saving for retirement. Additionally, pensions can serve as valuable employee benefits, helping […]

Preparing for your Mortgage in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction Buying a home is an exciting and life-changing event, but it can also be daunting, especially when it comes to preparing for your mortgage. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps to prepare for your mortgage, save for a deposit, apply for a mortgage, and the additional costs of buying […]

Term Life Insurance in Ireland – Protecting Your Loved Ones’ Future

Introduction: This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to Term Life Insurance in Ireland, including its definition, optional benefits, and factors that affect its price. It also emphasizes the importance of having a Term Life Insurance policy to protect your loved ones’ financial future. What is Term Life Insurance? Term Life Insurance is a […]

Credit Check In Ireland: How to check your Credit Record and why it matters

Introduction Are you a first-time buyer, a switcher or looking to move or trade up? Before you apply for your mortgage you are probably wondering if your application will be approved? One important factor on your mortgage approval outcome will be a credit check by the lender. Under EU law, lenders must assess your creditworthiness […]

How to Get Mortgage Approval in Principle – A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Before you start researching the property market in search of your new home, if you’re a first time buyer, moving or trading up, a self-build or a re-mortgage, you should first seek Approval in Principle (AIP) from a lender. Once AIP has been given by the lender, it gives you more of an idea […]

The Impact of Gambling on Your Mortgage Application in Ireland

Introduction If you’re considering applying for a mortgage in Ireland, you may want to think twice before indulging in your gambling hobby. While occasional gambling may not have a significant impact on your mortgage application, regular gambling could potentially raise concerns with your lender and affect your chances of getting approved for a mortgage. Why […]

Green Mortgages in Ireland: A Comprehensive Guide to Energy-Efficient Home Loans

Green Mortgages

What is a Green Mortgage and Who is Eligible? Green Mortgages have gained popularity as homeowners seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy bills. These home loans incentivize energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly features in a property. Green Mortgages function like standard mortgages but offer lower fixed interest rates to those who purchase […]